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Do your best work, from where you work best

We believe that having the flexibility to decide where and when to work makes everyone more productive. Sometimes, you just want to be completely immersed in your work, in your comfy slippers at home. Other times, you need to connect with your coworkers in person to collaborate, refuel and get inspired.

With Nook, you can take control of your schedule by deciding the best place—dare we say nook—to do your best work. Let your colleagues know your whereabouts so they can adjust their schedules accordingly.

Working at home in the morning

Working at the office after lunch

Away from work

Working at the office in the evening

Put people first

A flexible workspace shouldn’t mean a lonely office. Teamwork is so vital in building a company that will thrive. It fosters innovation, creativity and makes your culture unique and strong.

With Nook, not only do you know when someone will be in the office, but also their intent for the day; perhaps, they want to work uninterrupted with their headphones on, or maybe they are coming into the office because they need the social interaction. Nook can tell you the where, when and why.

Create a smarter work environment

Giving teams the flexibility to do their work on their own terms requires an office space that fosters collaboration when teamwork is needed, and private areas for heads-down, please-don’t-bother- me focused time.

Nook gives business leaders the tools they need to seamlessly coordinate the ins and outs, comings and goings of their team by managing desk areas and collaboration spaces – and all the insights you need to optimize your workspaces and plans for the future.

We work in a flexible way

At Nook, we’re championing your work week from a whole new perspective, to keep everyone coordinated in a hybrid working world. It’s a new way to look at your week and it’s built around what matters most, the people you work closest with, where you can find them, making sure everyone has a place.

The way you work may have changed, but your priorities haven’t. Nook is here to help you quickly navigate new territory ensuring everyone is getting the most out of their day, no matter where you choose to get work done.